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Business Revolution in AI – Amazon announces new Generative Artificial Intelligence assistant

Amazon bolts out of the gate with a Generative Artificial Intelligence assistant for business, raising the stakes in a game unleashed one year ago by OpenAI. Amazon says its new product is “designed for work that can be tailored to your business. You can use Amazon Q to have conversations, solve problems, generate content, gain insights, and take action by connecting to your company’s information repositories, code, data, and enterprise systems. Amazon Q provides immediate, relevant information and advice to employees to streamline tasks, accelerate decision-making and problem-solving, and help spark creativity and innovation at work.”

Consumers Can Wait – This is for Business

Amazon’s announcement adds to a race for preeminence in Artificial Intelligence and the benefits it can provide. For anyone wondering about how valid this technology is, this is your wakeup call. Amazon Q is focused on employees, allowing them the benefits of “summarizing strategy documents, filling out internal support tickets and answering questions about company policy.” Add this to Copilot, Google’s Duet AI and ChatGPT Enterprise.

“We think Q has the potential to become a work companion for millions and millions of people in their work life.” That’s a quote from an interview with Adam Selipsky, the chief executive of Amazon Web Services, the New York Times is reporting. Amazon has already invested in Anthropic, a competitor to OpenAI’s Chat GPT unveiled to the public a year ago.

Q could be more secure and private than a consumer chatbot, Mr. Selipsky told the New York Times. “Amazon Q, for example, can have the same security permissions that business customers have already set up for their users. At a company where an employee in marketing may not have access to sensitive financial forecasts, Q can emulate that by not providing that employee with such financial data when asked.”

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