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Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence

Cyborg hand finger background, technology of artificial intelligence

Start collecting data.  If you want to be part of the AI revolution sweeping the business world, you’ll have to have data.  If you’ve already got the data, drop it into something like BigML and start asking questions.  Those insights today in a session put on by the Transatlantic AI eXchange hosted by Thomas Neubert.

“Demystifying AI – How any Business Can get Started with Machine Learning / AI” brought together Greg LaBlac at the University of California’s Haas School of Business and David Carmona, a General Manager at Microsoft.  It was a powerful discussion with important insights that the TAIX will share in a recording.  But I will share with you some key points I picked up in the session.

For one, Artificial Intelligence is already here and is being used in everyday business.  It’s not a “shiny black box” that people go to for answers. It’s NOT the evil robot that is romanticized in the media, including movies.  AI is here now in Internet search, recommendations you get on shopping sites, the cars we drive and the responses when we ask Siri or Alexa a question.  The message in the session today is that AI is available now and it can help you. So, jump in.

What can AI do?

Next, what’s something AI can do?  Well, the biggest failure business people make is understanding the granularity of their decisions.  LaBlanc shared this insight.  He talked about how business managers may look at their decisions as being good ones or bad ones; decisions that work and those that don’t.  But the reality is that the decisions one makes set in motion a whole series of events. Understanding this and then analyzing how those events play out can provide data which then can be used in Machine Learning to show what worked or how things went wrong.

This is where the picture I show here comes in.  LaBlanc shared this slide and talked about how a business unexpectedly found which job applicants were most likely to stick with the company.  You see it here.  Those using Chrome or Firefox web browsers turned out to be the better employee.  This sounds rather random, but it’s a great example of what having data and then using AI to analyze it can find, things that can escape an analysis done by using only the human mind.

There’s much, much more in this session, a recording of which will be made available on TAIX, but other takeaways include:  There’s a revolution in no-code or low-code AI in which you can drop your data into new Machine Learning platforms like BigML and start asking questions of your data without needing to know how to program in Python or R.  Also, if you’re looking to transform your business, make sure everybody is participating, not just those in the technology or IT department.  Start thinking of yourself as an AI company.


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