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IoT Security – 90-Percent of Devices are NOT Secure

The explosion in the number of devices connected to the cloud come with a price.  That price is security.  Armando Lucrecio, a Senior Technical Program Manager with Amazon Connected Products addresses the issue in the Business School of AI’s WeeklyWed, talking about how some 90% of products in IoT are not secure.  Lucrecio outlines the myriad of reasons for this.  He makes it clear: Understanding and addressing the security issues will help a technology with great promise.

“Connected product” is probably a better term to use than the Internet of Things, or IoT.  Lucrecio likes the label because it better helps us understand how we are talking about  networking:  Security cameras; Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri; Nest thermostats; home appliances, and a seemingly endless number of other possibilities.  There’s even word now that Amazon has a robotic dog that patrols your home and communicates with you on “the network.”

“It’s all about the network,” Lucrecio says. This connectivity allows for communication to occur, and with it, the extraction of data that enables us to make the decisions that benefit everyone involved.  If you control the network, you can can extract all the data and analyze it, providing the answers you need to better serve your customers.

The security issues crop up because of all the players involved.  Since there is no way that one company can build its own network, players rely on telecommunications companies.  Then there’s the product itself.  If you buy the hardware, those that made it can build in a back door for someone else’s access, or they can insert a trojan horse to later take control.  Then there are hackers who work to take control of either the product or device and the network for whatever reason, most likely for monetary gain.

For more on this important topic, watch this video of Armando Lucrecio’s talk;


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