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OpenAI’s new feature allows multiple personalities

New level of teamwork possible

Screenshot of “Team” benefits in “profile” settings on ChatGPT for those paying $25 per month

OpenAI says its new feature in ChatGPT allows users to pull custom personalities called “GPTs” into any ChatGPT conversation with an @ symbol, allowing a limited type of teamwork within the chatbot. The development makes collaborating with a team of A.I. agents within OpenAI’s platform one step closer to reality.

A company post says the new feature will allow users to add relevant GPTs with the full context of the conversation. All one needs to do is type @ and select the GPT. GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that users create for specific purposes, basically customized bots. They can be molded to perform tasks as shown in the cover photo to this article. Here the GPT is for teaching math to kids, showing, for example, how one calculates the percentage amount of their pay raise.

Streamlining the process

The new feature looks as if it may OpenAI closer to where GPTs act as independent agents that can work together as a team to fulfill more complex tasks. For example, an individual GPT will acknowledge others it has been joined with using the @ symbol, indicating if a certain task had been done earlier. Sharing information between GPT profiles had involved many more steps, including selecting the “chat” portion of a query and then pasting it with an explanation of the context of what the information means or what the expected outcome is.


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