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Rein in Email with an AI Assistant

Make Life Easier, Get More Done

No more overflowing inboxes and endless email threads. Some people are said to check their email 36 times an hour. That would be about one-quarter of the time you spend at work.

While AI is not yet ready to work unsupervised, here are some ways you can use it to manage your email.

1) Inbox prioritization. You can let AI identify the most important emails based on past behavior, sender, and keyword searches. As a result, you can focus on critical and urgent emails first.

2) Smart replies and compose. You can even use AI to draft complete emails by understanding the context and suggesting appropriate phrasing for standard emails like “Thank you” or “I’ll get back to you shortly.”.

3) Unsubscribe easily. A one-click unsubscribe option is available after AI identifies spam and marketing emails.

4) Schedule emails. Are you tired of sending emails at 3 am? Artificial intelligence can schedule your email notification more conveniently, so no one (or you) is woken up by it.

5) Automate repetitive tasks. Setting up meetings, following up on emails, and managing your calendar can be handled by AI.

6) Stay organized. You can use AI to categorize your emails by sender, topic, or project. By doing this, you will be able to organize your inbox and find specific emails more easily in the future.

7) Improve your writing. In addition to suggesting grammatical corrections, AI can improve sentence structure and identify potentially offensive language. As such, writing clear, concise, and professional emails becomes easier.

8) Secure your inbox. In addition to spam filtering and phishing detection, some AI-powered assistants also offer encryption and phishing detection. As a result, unwanted emails and malicious attacks will not reach your inbox.

Need help setting up this AI assistant? Contact Galina Fendikevich at galina@fendikevichenterprises.com

First in a series on creating AI personal assistants

Check back here for creating writing tools, powering your calendar with smarter scheduling and intelligent reminders, insights and analytics on how much time you’re spending on which activities, managing social media as well as automating data entry and processing.

The images here are courtesy of the app Airt.

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