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Tesla Factory in Germany hit with Power Outage

So-called “Volcano Group” targets electrical grid

An attack on an electrical infrastructure on Tuesday, March 5th, severed power lines in the area of Grünheide, Germany. The resulting damage left Tesla’s factory there without power, interrupting production for an extended period of time. Andre Thierig, the plant’s senior director, was quoted in local media as saying resulting outage caused hundreds of millions of euros in damage through lost output and other problems. The group that claimed responsibility is relatively unknown but targeted the factory back in 2021 when it was under construction.

“The complete destruction of the Gigafactory and the lopping off of technofascists like ‘Elend” Musk are a step on the path towards liberation from the patriarchy.”

Statement from the ‘Volcano Group’ sent to media after the March 5th attack

The attack targeted a high-voltage power mast which was set on fire, causing Tesla’s backup power systems to fail. That resulted in the loss of ventilation which, in turn, prompted the company to send some 12,500 employees home.

Tesla factory under construction in 2022 in Grünheide, Germany

The factory has been controversial since its inception. Critics claim plans for the facility did not take into account the impact on water supplies and recently cited problems with water pollution. Its expansion then became the target of a non-binding resolution approved by local voters and protests in the neighboring forest where demonstrators camped out to prevent the clearing of trees.

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